5 Minute Matched Betting Guide

Learn all the basic concepts of Matched Betting and how you can start to earn $1000+ per month risk free

What You’ll Learn

4 Reasons You Should Start Matched Betting Now

Earn risk-free additional income

Fund that travel you’ve always had on your bucket list, buy that TV you’ve wanted for ages or just find a bit of financial freedom.

Make money from home

There’s no need to get up from the sofa with matched betting, everything can easily be done from a computer, tablet or phone.

All profit comes tax-free

You don’t need to give your hard-earned cash to the government, it’s all yours to keep and spend on whatever you want.

Be Smart, Not Lucky to Beat Bookies

Everything about matched betting is planned and guaranteed. You can’t lose when you take advantage of free bets.


Matched betting is the science of earning free bets from bookmakers without risking any of our own money. We can then turn those free bets into guaranteed profit.

The Concept of Matched Betting

This is Jen. She works at a market stall selling bread, situated near a local corner store. Jen’s able to sell loaves of bread for $2 at her stall.
Price Jenny can Sell Bread for - $2
To bring in more customers, the corner store is offering a deal. When you buy a loaf of bread, you get a coupon for a FREE loaf of bread. Each loaf of bread costs $2.50 to buy at the corner store and Jen knows that she can sell each loaf of bread for $2 on her market stall.
Price Jenny can buy bread for - $2.5
Jen heads in to the corner store and buys a loaf of bread for $2.50 and receives her coupon. She then heads back to her market stall and sells that loaf of bread for $2. She’s down $0.50! Remember, she has that coupon in her pocket though.
Paying $2.5 and receiving bread and a coupon for an extra loaf.
Jen heads into the corner store and claims her free loaf of Bread. Returning to her market stall, she’s able to sell this for another $2. Selling that second loaf makes her $2 profit and overall she’s $1.50 up (she lost $0.50 from the first loaf). As long as she can sell the bread on her market stall, Jen is guaranteed to make a profit!
Selling the loaf that she paid for with her coupon
Now, $1.50 isn’t much money for all that effort. However, imagine that there are 10 local corner stores all with the same offer. Repeating the process, Jen can make $15. That’s more interesting, but as Matched Bettors we’re able to do even better than that.
Buying 10 loaves of bread, plus 10 with coupon. Selling $40 worth at her stall.

Now, all I’ve been doing is talking about bread so far. We need to transfer this across to thinking of betting, so let’s change the following:

Corner Store = Bookmaker

Market Stall = Betting Exchange

Imagine that Jen’s not dealing with Bread, but with $50 bets that she can ‘sell’ at her market stall for $40. By repeating the process at those figures Jen would make $30 profit from each ‘store’ she gets a coupon at. Across 10 ‘stores’ Jen is going to make $300. That’s more like it!

In this analogy, Jen runs the risk of not being able to sell on her bread which would definitely lose her money (it would get mouldy!). Fortunately for us, there is no such risk in Matched Betting. We can guarantee that someone will buy our ‘bread’ from us using Betting Exchanges.

Matched Betting Terminology

These are the basic terms you’ll need to start making a profit.

Back Bet – Betting on an event to happen, such as the Sydney Swans beating the Brisbane Lions. This is Jen buying her bread.

Lay Bet – Betting on an event NOT to happen, which would include the Brisbane Lions winning or there being a draw. This is Jen selling her bread.

Bookmaker – Traditional betting companies that allow us to place Back Bets on a wide range of sports. This is the same as Jen’s local corner store.
Betting Exchange – Revolutionary way of betting against other real people, allowing us to Back or Lay the chance of any sporting result. This is the same as Jen’s market stall.

Free Bets – Bookmakers offer these as an incentive to bet with them instead of their competitors. These are normally earned by depositing money or betting on a certain sporting event.

All You Need To Start Earning Profit

Laptop, Phone or Tablet

Most companies have responsive websites or mobile applications so you can get Matched Betting from any smart device.

Internet Connection

Having a stable internet connection makes sure you’ll have no issues when placing bets and open you up to more opportunities.

Time & Patience

Matched Betting is highly lucrative with just a few hours a week, but you will need to invest your time to learn the concepts

Matched Betting Requires NO Knowledge

How Much Can I Earn?

Introductory Offers

The most lucrative time for Matched Betting is when opening new accounts. Due to gambling regulations, the total amount you can earn depends on which state you live in. Regardless of where you live, you can make at least $2000 just from signing up to Bookmakers alone.

Ongoing Offers

We can also take advantage of ongoing offers and events, putting in a few hours of effort each week. From this, we can earn more than $1000 each month as a side income.

You’ve completed this 5-Minute Matched Betting Concepts guide.

How to earn your first $$$

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