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Welcome to OzProfit’s Bonus Money review.

Matched betting can be a confusing and difficult topic to navigate at first. Here at OzProfit, my mission is to make matched betting accessible to Australian’s across the country. By providing a comprehensive set of guides and simple tutorials, I hope to introduce people to the potential matched betting has.

Using free tutorials can be a great start to your matched betting journey. However, to make a significant long term profit you really need to use matched betting tools. These tools are designed to help you find the optimum bets (increasing profit) in the easiest possible way (reducing time spent).

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Bonus Money is an Australian matched betting service offering a comprehensive set of matched betting tools backed up by detailed tutorials and an active community.

This review will cover all the different features available with Bonus Money and whether the service really can help you supercharge your matched betting profits.

Disclaimer: I am an active subscriber to Bonus Money and have used their service extensively to place my own matched bets. Links in this Bonus Money review are affiliate links. You get the same price when subscribing and I receive a small percentage of their revenue. I try to be 100% honest in my reviews although please make up your own mind for purchasing decisions.

Table of Contents

Who are Bonus Money?

Bonus Money was founded by Sam, Adam and Sam in 2016, bringing a wealth of matched betting experience from the UK and Australia.

They were the first to bring popular features such as the oddsmatcher to the Australian matched betting opportunity, making it one of the most mature products available. Since then, they’ve grown their product to help thousands of people earn additional income from matched betting.


I’m going to share with you all the key features of Bonus Money (and their limitations) and how these can have a significant impact on your matched betting. Some of these features relate to quite advanced matched betting techniques that I don’t cover on this site. However, this review should give you a sense of what’s possible! Here’s a brief feature overview of the features discussed in this Bonus Money review:

  • Guides – In-depth tutorials to learn many different matched betting techniques.
  • OddsMatcher – Instantly find the best matched betting opportunities across every bookmaker.
  • Horse Racing ‘Matcha’ – Easily find the best qualifying and bonus matches in horse racing.
  • Offer Calendar – Daily calendar displaying all the profit-making opportunities.
  • Matched Betting Calculators – 10 different calculators for different matched betting scenarios.
  • Facebook Community – An active and supportive community of Bonus Money pro subscribers.


Bonus Money have over 20 different matched betting guides, covering the basics as well as much more advanced topics. They provide the most in-depth guides to matched betting that I’ve ever seen, including topics such as Advantage Play and Each Way arbitrage that are normally reserved for advanced matched bettors.

Importantly, a majority of their guides are completely 100% FREE and you don’t need to be logged in to the Bonus Money site. A few more advanced guides require a paid account.

Bonus Money Guides

There’s also a growing YouTube channel with some short and insightful videos on how the different Bonus Money services work.

Personally, I find the structure of these guides a little confusing. There’s very little direction on which guides build up your knowledge from the previous guide. It’s likely that this is going to be slightly overwhelming if you’re a complete beginner to matched betting.

One of their best features is an incredibly comprehensive FAQ page. If you have any specific questions, it’s quite likely answered by the Bonus Money team.

I’d highly recommend starting with the OzProfit 3-part matched betting guide before tackling some of the more complex guides that Bonus Money offer.


The basic software for any matched betting service is the OddsMatcher. This simple tool searches all the odds available across a wide range of bookies to find the best potential bets for both qualifiers and bonuses. Just this tool alone saves a matched bettor an incredible amount of time when finding the best bets to place. For Bonus Money, it looks like this:

Bonus Money Odds Matcher
Top SNR bets on the Bonus Money oddsmatcher

Personally, I find this interface quite underwhelming and it feels like a neglected part of the site. In particular, the OddsMatcher only surfaces markets for ‘Match Results’ (which are the odds for a team winning, drawing or losing). There’s huge potential for using alternative markets like Correct Score or HT/FT to find great bets, which makes this tool fairly limited.

Fortunately, Bonus Money have made great innovations in other areas that reduce traditional reliance on the OddsMatcher. Read on to find out more.

To close of my review of the OddsMatcher, it’s important to discuss the different filters available. Here, the OddsMatcher is quite strong with all the filters you’d need to narrow down your search results. In particular, there is an impressive array of bookmakers included in the OddsMatcher results.

Filters available in the Bonus Money oddsmatcher
Different filters available in the OddsMatcher

One of the primary innovations Bonus Money have made in this space is the Bet Finder which is a much more beginner-friendly way of finding the best odds.

Bet Finder

Instead of loading a long, complicated table with lots of results, the Bet Finder is a guided experience that asks simple questions before presenting you with the best available bet for you to place.

Step 1 – Select your bookmaker. There are 8 fewer bookmakers to choose from (at the time of writing) and it’s unclear whether this is just to keep the Bet Finder simple, or if there are issues with those 8 bookies.

Step 2 – Choose whether you’re placing a Bonus Bet or a Turnover Bet (Qualifier).

Bet Finder - Select Your Bookmaker
Bet Finder - Type of Bet

Step 3 – Select your stake. This will depend on the size of your qualifying need or bonus bets. It’s also possible to add requirements here such as minimum odds or minimum liquidity.

Step 4 – Your best bet is presented. This comes with the percentage return and the exact lay bet stake you should place.

Bet Finder - Bet Amount
Bet Finder - Results

Unfortunately, the Bet Finder is still limited by only presenting ‘Match Odds’ results. However, beginners will find this highly accessible considering the way it guides you through exactly what bets to place.

Horse Racing ‘Matcha’

With horse racing being one of the most lucrative opportunities for ongoing account promotions, it’s important to have a great piece of software supporting you.

With Bonus Money, this is called the ‘Matcha’.

The ‘Matcha’ is a piece of software that works as an extension to the Chrome Browser. To install it, you need to download the file and manually install it onto Chrome. This is super easy to do and works on any computer.

Once installed, you’ll be able to browse through all of the day’s horse races, filtered by races that have active bonuses available.

The ‘Matcha’ opened as a browser extension

Selecting a race allows you to choose which bookmakers you want to place your bets with. Choosing either Qualifier or SNR allows you to switch easily between the different types of matched bets.

Once you select a race, the software then automatically opens up the betfair exchange and bookmaker sites on the racecard pages. It displays all the information you need in-line on the bookmaker’s website, as can be seen in the below screenshot.

How the ‘Matcha’ loads in a bookmaker site

The ‘Matcha’ has added in the colour-coded bars underneath each horse. Any horse with a green bar has a positive expected value for any 2nd/3rd offer. To make things even simpler, the required stake on Betfair is also displayed alongside the qualifying loss (in this case, on a $50 stake).

This makes horse racing far more accessible for beginners as you get a very clear visual representation of which bets make good qualifiers. The odds refresh every few seconds so I have found them very accurate and I’m normally able to get bets on at the odds displayed.

Finally, you’re able to adjust quite a few different settings, including the thresholds for the green, orange and red coloured bars.

Matcha Custom Settings
Custom settings available in the ‘Matcha’

Overall, this is a very impressive piece of software that significantly improves your ability to find good qualifying and bonus matches. It makes it much easier for beginners to get involved with highly profitable horse racing opportunities. I think the ‘Matcha’ will suit a majority of matched bettors.

However, I have noticed two minor snags that impact my own personal workflow.

Firstly, the in-line bars that show live matched betting opportunities extend the length of the page and therefore mean you need to scroll more often. This is especially painful when working with multiple bookmakers.

Secondly, you need to move through each individual tab to see all the opportunities. I’m often working with 5-6 different bookmakers at the same time, which leads to a lot of ‘tab-switching’. There’s no single view showing the best opportunities across every bookmaker, which leads me to occasionally miss good odds because I’m too late.

For most people, I don’t see these issues as dealbreakers. In fact, I find the ‘Matcha’ workflow to be better for beginners in particular.

Offer Calendar

I can easily say that Bonus Money have the best offer calendar in Australia. This is where their service absolutely shines and how you can easily supercharge your matched betting profits.

Their offer calendar is able to display every single bookmaker offer available for each sporting event. Each offer has it’s Expected Value clearly listed so you can easily decide which offers you want to target. Here’s an example from an AFL match.

Bonus Money Offer Calendar Event
AFL match on the offer calendar

As you can see, we’d expect to get $78 of expected value if we took advantage of all the offers available on this match. This hopefully shows the power of ongoing expected value offers!

It gets even better.

Drilling down into each event opens up a dutching tool that automatically calculates the best bets to place for that match. In the example above, Bet365 and PointsBet have offers that can be dutched against each other to save you money on commission.

Bonus Money Offer Calendar Dutch
Exact stakes for dutching offers on an AFL game. $18 of Expected Value.

This is a really simple example but it demonstrates the power of this feature. It even uses small stakes on the Betfair exchange to balance out the mismatch created by using rounded stakes with bookmakers. It’s important to do this to avoid getting gubbed.

This calculator can handle dutching across as many bookmakers as you need, making these offers incredibly simple to follow. There’s no doubt creates an opportunity for high profits in record time.

To make this calendar even more powerful, you can control which bookmakers appear.

Bookmaker Settings

Most people don’t have access to every bookmaker on the offer calendar. This could be because you haven’t completed all the sign-up offers yet, or could be due to various account restrictions that are inevitable over time.

To help make the offer calendar (and OddsMatcher) work better for you, it’s possible to change your bookmaker setting to only show bookmakers you have access to.

Bookmaker Settings
I’ve removed the bottom 3 rows of bookies from my account

I absolutely love this feature for simplifying everything across the Bonus Money service and reducing the amount of FOMO it’s easy to get!

Matched Betting Calculators

Bonus Money offer a highly comprehensive list of matched betting calculators that cover every possible offer type you’ll ever need.

  • Standard Back/Lay
  • 2 & 3 Way Dutching
  • Double Winnings
  • Neds Backup Promo
  • Each Way Arbitrage
  • 2nd / 3rd Guarantee

Their standard back and lay calculator is everything you need from a basic calculator that does all of the heavy mathematical lifting for you. It even has the ability to dynamically adjust your lay stake to see what the overall outcomes would be.

Bonus Money Back and Lay Calculator

Facebook Community

Bonus Money hosts both a free facebook community and a private community for Pro subscribers.

The free community is one of the largest communities of matched bettors in Australia, with over 2,800 people learning how to start matched betting. One of the Bonus Money team is always available in that group to answer any questions you have and help people pick up the ropes. If you want a helpful community of people to get you started with matched betting, then look no further. Here’s a link to the facebook group.

Once you have a Pro subscription, you can request to join the private community with over 1,000 members. The is a super helpful group with a tonne of useful content for improving your matched betting. I’ve been very impressed with the activity in the group, with regular discussions taking place and weekly threads for sports and horse racing opportunities.

The Pro community has discussions that go into far more advanced matched betting techniques, including with people that make an equivalent full time salary from matched betting. If you want to make good money from matched betting, this community is a great place to be involved in.

Warning: It’s possible (albeit unlikely) that bookmakers check the facebook groups and flag the names of people in those groups. This could lead to your account being restricted (gubbed) quicker. The best way around this is to use a fake/different name for the facebook profile that joins these groups. Discover more about ‘gubbing’ and how to avoid it in our guide to the 20 different strategies that help you avoid restrictions.

Community Forum (New, July 2020)

Created to augment their existing Facebook communities, Bonus Money launched a new forum in July 2020.

As it’s still a relatively new feature, the jury is still out on whether it will be useful or members long term. However, the signs are definitely positive. The forum is seeing plenty of posts and lots of useful information has already been populated by the Bonus Money foudners.

Sam and Chris have also started running regular webinars to help people improve their matched betting and learn more advanced techniques to make more profit. This is a fantastic opportunity for members to learn from the pros themselves.

Bonus Money Community
Example of the activity already found in the community (usernames redacted).

Subscription Cost

All the tools and features I’ve discussed sadly don’t come free, although I fully believe that they pay back the subscription fee very handsomely as long as you’re actively making money from matched betting.

Free Tier – Bonus Money offer quite an impressive free tier that gives you access to lots of matched betting guides, calculators and a facebook community. Having these features can help you earn your first profits from matched betting and means that the pro membership can be paid out of those initial profits.

Pro Tier$49 / month – This tier gives your access to all the different features of Bonus Money, including personal support and access to the pro community. The offer calendar and bet finder offer some incredible time savings, making sure you’re able to maximise your profits from just a couple of hours matched betting each week.

VIP Tier$490 / year – If you’ve read all the free guides and want to take your matched betting to the next level, a Bonus Money VIP membership gets you 12 months for the price of 10 PLUS a consultation with the Bonus Money founders. They’re able to point out all the different areas you can improve and earn more profit. There’s no doubt that this membership will pay itself back very quickly.

For anyone new to matched betting, I highly recommend the pro tier membership on a monthly basis to start. Once you’ve developed extra confidence and tackled most of the welcome offers, it’s worth considering an upgrade to VIP so you can earn a significant income over 12 months.

How much can you profit with Bonus Money?

This is almost impossible to answer, because it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put in to matched betting.

Based on my experience, these are an average set of figures that should be achievable by everyone for a weekly profit not including any new member bonuses that are hugely profitable:

  • Offer Calendar – $150
  • Matcha– $150
  • Multi’s – $50

Weekly Total – $350

Monthly Total – +$1400

I think this makes the $49 monthly subscription fee an absolute bargain if you can invest a few hours of your time each week. There are also members of the Bonus Money pro community who make significantly more profit using advanced matched betting techniques.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me on this extensive run through of the Bonus Money matched betting service. I hope you’ve found it a useful guide to understand whether you should join the service or not.

Bonus Money are the longest running matched betting service available in Australia, with a wide range of tools covering almost all the different profit making opportunities. They’ve built up a strong reputation through regularly updating their software to make sure it’s working accurately and efficiently with every bookmaker in Australia.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the structure of their guides, there’s no doubt that they have the most in-depth and comprehensive overview of matched betting. The software is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for beginners to learn matched betting practically by placing bets.

Bonus Money is perfect for any beginners looking to learn how to take advantage of ongoing offers, alongside a supportive community available to answer any questions you might have.

In the Pro facebook community are some of the most knowledgeable minds for matched betting, so any experienced matched bettors will find value from joining discussions and learning more advanced techniques.

Bonus Money Review

Read our comprehensive Bonus Money review to find out whether their service is worth paying for. Hint: This WILL make you money!

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