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Hi David!

Thank you for your kind words about my site, I’m glad you have found the concept of matched betting intriguing.

As to whether it would be suitable for your personal scenario, I’m hesitant to give you specific advice based on your circumstances. However, I can say there is no good reason why you wouldn’t be able to earn some useful money from applying the basics of matched betting. I would have a few pieces of advice that you should consider in particular:

  • Take it slow and be careful with your bets. Take on the sign-up bonuses one at a time. This means you can have a smaller amount of money kept in betting accounts, plus you’re less likely to make mistakes.
  • Start with betting on AFL, NRL, Premier League as they are much simpler and give you the time to practise your bets before actually placing them
  • Double check everything. The only way you can lose money is if you make a mistake. I’m still guilty of this, especially when I’m rushing so I would advise always double checking that your bet has been placed correctly.

There’s ultimately no harm in giving it a try with one bookmaker (and Betfair). If you then decide Matched Betting is not right for you, then it’s incredibly easy to withdraw your money. If you have any further questions, I’m always available at

Comment on Bonusbank vs Bonus Money | Matched Betting Service Comparison by David Sat, 10 Oct 2020 23:06:57 +0000 Hello David,
What an excellent site and extremely well written.
I shall make this as brief as possible. My wife & I are from the UK, we now live in Queensland, I work part time 25 hours per week, my wife is not allowed to work, our total income is $3840 per month, that is my pay $2240 PM and our UK pension, $16-1700 PM (depending on Ex’rate)
We rent a granny flat and have savings of just $2,000, and here’s the rub, We are both 70!
( If I could give one piece of financial advice to anyone your age, (”YOU CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH PENSIONS!!!)
We had a thriving business, then when things started to go wrong, 5 years ago, I (I blame know one else) did what every good businessman should do, I put my head in the sand! When I pulled it out, the 4 Horsemen had been & gone leaving financial devastation in their wake.
So maybe it is serendipitous that I have come across your site?
I am humbling myself ( believe me it’s not that difficult) when I ask would you advise me to try MB?